Friday, January 11, 2008

And I thought the height of surprise and disappointment was realizing at age 18 I would never be a rock star.

Separated-at-birth twins get married

Fri Jan 11, 12:15 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) - Twins who were separated at birth and adopted by different sets of parents later married each other without realising they were brother and sister, a peer has told the House of Lords.

David Alton, an independent, pro-life member of the Lords, said the brother and sister were granted an annulment after a high court judge ruled that the marriage had never validly existed.

I mean think about the ugliness of this. Anal with your sister? Being nagged by your sister? Realizing your useless, broke, no ambition, fat balding hubby is your useless, broke, no ambition fat and balding brother.