Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In 1983 I was 15 years old. Three years earlier I heard my first Clash and U2 records and my life would never be the same.

Sunday Bloody Sunday started getting U2 some real attention in the US. At that time they were still playing to 8,000 people, not 80,000.

As I listened to Sunday Bloody Sunday, over and over I was overwhelmed by its message, by its ability to articulate suffering, the pain of war and conflict and the way a supposedly modern world could still gloss over suffering to grab the next hamburger or dollar. The song is still as relevant, powerful and brilliant as it was in May 1983.

Someone else out there feels the same way, because they created something that I never could have imagined 24 years ago. My musical tastes and my politics are more or less the same as they were then. But sadly music and politics have gotten worse.

This is an incredible audio/visual reinterpretation of Sunday Bloody Sunday. "How long must we sing this song" Almost 25 years later we are still singing it.