Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What will be the world's tallest building rises across the river in Pudong, Shanghai.

I'm back from China. It was a great two weeks, and as usual, I learned more than my brain can properly process. Shanghai is like a baby on steroids, every time you see her she has grown 10%. Up to about 18 million now.

China's economy is growing faster than Barry Bonds' head. I had a whirlwind two weeks and regularly worked 13-14 hour days. The food was incredible as always. Tried some new dishes including potato, vegetable, shrimp, frog and chicken foot stew.

Here are some pictures to get started. I'm sure I will have some more coherent stories and observations as my head clears. I missed you all. Its good to be back.

While in the office of a supplier I was meeting with I saw this sign hanging in the hallway. The mind boggles.

Shanghai opened its first sex museum. It was actually very well done. Great artifacts, stories with progressive and strong opinions on the subjugation of women and treatment of homosexuals. Did I mention great artifacts? I took a replica of one of these home with me. Care to guess which one?

I took this one in Ningbo. Next time you want to bitch about YOUR job...

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