Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The poster at MidLifeMutations posted that John Edwards said that those who contract breast cancer and don't have health insurance are 30-50% more likely to die from the disease.

That is an all too accurate snapshot of how health care is administered and not administered for the 45 million Americans without health insurance. It looks worse when compared to the other top nine rich industrialized nations. So it goes something like this:

Being poor means you eat less healthy foods, especially fried foods soaked in saturated fat, you also smoke more cigarettes and drink more booze )all of this is well documented). These all lead to the a person dealing with the top killers in America: Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

You also have no, or inadequate health insurance.

This means you get sicker faster and more often, but lack the means to pay for it.

So, you either get sick and get no help and drain our system of human resources or you get sick and get help at the taxpayer's expense and drain our monetary resources. Or you just get sick and die becaus of no care or shoddy care.

All of this drains people and money from the American economy so we lose on both ends.

Solution? Ensure there are fewer poor people, more insured people and we have more money and people in the system.

In some parts of America they call this liberal insanity. In the other top 9 rich industrial countries its called POLICY.