Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Outsourcing, insourcing, globalisation, EU passports, job losses, job gains, China, India, the Celtic Tiger, the Rust Belt, Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, new industries, nursing shortages...

Wow, its not our grandfather's...uh father's...uh older brother's job market any more.

Every day the headlines are filled with all the terms above and many more like them. Like never before jobs and skills fly around the planet. Ask 10 different people what globalisation means...get proverbial ten different answers. This latest tidbit amazed me.

From the July 20, 2007 edition of THE WEEK.

"Poland has exported so many workers to other countries that it must now import labor from India. About 2 million Poles have gone abroad to work since the country joined the E.U. in 2004. Key infrastructure projects are behind schedule and unfinished.
Labor Minister Anna Kalata recently signed an agreement with India to allow Indians to work in Poland. If not enough Indians answer the call, the government said, it would have to use prison inmates as labor."

So, the US outsources customer service jobs to India, Poles leave to work in England, and Indians go to work in Poland. Meanwhile most of America works at McDonalds, KFC and Wal-Mart. And who wins in the end? Polish burglars. That's globalisation. Got it?