Monday, July 16, 2007


How is the war on terror going? You can't find the answer in how many terrorists are killed in Iraq, or how many attacks are stopped in the US or completed in Europe.

No, these are minimal events with little real effect. The real war on terror is an economic war. Its battles are won in lost in the number of dollars spent and made ($450 billion spent on Iraq, $100 billion windfall for Halliburton) and the way capital and jobs are moved around the world.

Want a great example. Since 9/11 the Bush administration has made it VERY difficult for talented students from around the world to come and study in the US. They have made it near impossible for them to stay. Which means they go back to their country of origin and add to THOSE economies, rather than ours.

The Bush admin has also made it nearly impossible for talented engineers and scientists from other country to come and work here. The result is less innovation fewer profits for American companies. It also means fewer jobs for Americans.

Here is an amazing example:

NY DAILY NEWS WEEK OF 7/9/07 - Microsoft is opening a software development center near Vancouver, expanding in Canada to attract foreign engineers who face what it calls "immigration issues" in the US.

Microsoft and rivals Google have lobbied the government to add more visas for skilled workers, saying American schools aren't producing enough qualified applicants.

That is how the war on terror is going.