Wednesday, July 18, 2007

According to ABC NEWS today, Wal-Mart is going to start carrying a line of Christian toys. The toymaker, One2Believe, has created toys that are based on biblical stories. For example, there's a set of 3-inch figures based on Daniel in the lion's den for about $7. A 12-inch talking Jesus doll is about $15. And 14-inch Samson or Goliath action figures are about $20.

This is great and to be fair, in addition to the 2 shelves of Christian toys, I believe Wal-Mart should offer shelf space for toys from other great world religions as well as additional Christian toys.

-The Hopi Indian high on Mescaline doll. Take your kids on a psychedelic Vision Quest.

-"Lot's Wife Salt Doll" fun to play with...and to lick. Pull the string on her back and Boston's "Don't Look Back" plays.

-"Shiva the Elephant Headed 16 armed destroyer of the world doll" Makes the 666 beast look like a puppy.

-The Robbie the Robot Rabbi Doll. "an oy, oy, awesome time."

-"The Zen Buddhist Mini Garden Set." Includes one pebble and a bamboo shoot.

-"The Judas in a Noose Doll" - Kids will learn what happens to those who turn on Jesus.

-"Ally the Allahhu Akbar Alligator Plush Toy" - Includes Infidel figurines to feed him.