Thursday, June 21, 2007

So one of the great issues and debates of our time is the question about Immigration. What to do about the 12-15 million illegal immigrants/illegal aliens already here and How do we establish a tighter border and an enforceable set of laws to ensure only legal immigration?

Their are screams and cries from the left, the right, the center. Everything from shoot them on sight and deport all 15 million to giving them complete amnesty, full rights and keeping the border wide open. And of course the proverbial "everything in between."

What the debate about "illegal immigrants/illegal aliens" REALLY means is "What the SPEEDY GONZALES do we do about the Mexicans? If there are 15 million illegals 13 million of them are from Mexico and Central and South America.

We have border fences, minute men, legislation, campaign promises and activist groups of every stripe. The argument seems endless. It always loops around. There are no good answers. Its yet another wedge issue that drives Americans further apart. It involves race, class, xenophobia, patriotism, jobs and economy all in one. It is a REAL AMERICAN issue.

Well, I hereby offer a simple solution. Sure, its going to take some hard work by every citizen, and I mean every citizen. But here's the fastest way to send those brown people scrambling back down South.

Every American simply needs to do one, some, or all of the following:

- cut their own lawns
- rake their own leaves
- watch their own kids
- cook their own food
- clean their own houses
- wash their own cars
- bus table
- wash dishes in a restaurant
- pick fruit
- pick vegetables
- pick cotton
- clean the highways
- work as no skill laborers
- lift really heavy dangerous things in warehouses WITHOUT making $35 an hour, feeling entitled to a pension, full health insurance, two cars, a 50" LCD TV, a new Chevy Pickup every 2 years, and $15,000 in credit card debt, 150 people for your daughter's sweet 16 party and a week at the lake house.