Monday, May 21, 2007

Two more scourges of "Modern America."

The first is the incessant drive by real estate developers to rename neighborhoods with the most banal, ironic and irritating monikers in order to sell more units. Of course there are two versions of this. The suburban, sprawl-like developments (think Seinfeld's "DEL BOCA VISTA") and the urban version.

In New York some have tried renaming "Hell's Kitchen" to "Clinton." Some clever jackoff decided the three blocks between SOHO and Little Italy would become NOLITA (north of little Italy).

The second is the near constant effort of the self-referential media and "aren't I clever" political operatives to create new demographic groups. Everyone wants to coin a group. Why? Because its easy and its easily digestible for both idiot politicians and idiot voters.

New York Magazine has given us the latest example (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) SAFs

"In the Clinton years, the target was soccer moms. In the Bush era, it switched to NASCAR dads. Now, say several senior campaign strategists, the magic pop demographic that could affect the ’08 election, and especially the Democratic primaries, is unmarried women. She’s youngish (for the most part, between 18 and 44), white (64 percent), unanchored (36 percent move every two years), unaffluent (earning $30,000 or less a year), relatively uneducated (only 14 percent are college grads), and thoroughly pissed off about the direction of America (Iraq, health care, equal pay, and education are top issues).

But she isn’t exactly politically engaged. “I think the better way to define them is SAFs,” says Ann Lewis, a longtime senior adviser to Hillary Clinton. “Single anxious females.”

How many of you women want to identify with THAT descriptrion?

What's next?

NUFs -Neurotic Urban females
OAFS - Overweight Angry Feminists
PUFS - Pre-menstrual, ugly females

These really aren't much more offensive and stultifying than SAFs.