Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why I won't vote for Hilary Clinton - Well, there are many, but here is a big one.
Bush, Clinton, Bush...Clinton? Its time for some fresh blood. I think Obama is the man to support.
Here we have an amazing story of life imitating art imitating life out of California.
Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" presents us with Raskolnikov, a promising young, but destitute student, with a touch of megalomania. He kills a hated "pawnbroker" in a plot to take her money. Later, he becomes ill and in his bedridden state begins to ruminate on his crime. Eventually he is overcome by a desire to confess and to find redemption. He does confess, he is found guilty and is sent to Siberia.
California, March 22, 2007
Now we have the story of Louis Bostich. Mr. Bostich committed a terrible crime, one which he was never suspected of. He murdered a woman he went home with from a bar.

Years later he became ill, with alcoholism and drug addiction. He become guilt-ridden and felt a need for redemption. He came forward and he admitted to his crime. He was found guilty and sent to prison. It is the archetypal "salvation through suffering" story that is typical of Dostoevsky, who believed that suffering was purifying and brought one closer to God and humanity.

"LOUIS Bostich went to Mt. Shasta and prayed.Sober for about a year, he found himself reaching for the bottle again. And he knew why. It was the same reason he drank away a promising Navy career, a string of other respectable jobs and his only meaningful relationships. He was thinking of what he did to Jami Vitteli... The full story was reported by the L.A. Times here http://LOUIS
As someone who has suffered physical, mental and spiritual hardship myself and come out on the other side, I can attest to the purifying and redemptive effect that suffering imbues on one's soul. Et tou?
The Bush prosecution of the invasion and destruction of Iraq has been so ham-handed, so criminally negligent and so corrupt it defies the imagination to comprehend it.
These people couldn't even get their propaganda right.

They lied about the heroic Jessica Lynch (promoting the idea that she was a GAMBO (girl rambo) and they portrayed the Iraqi doctors who took care of here as mustache rubbing 19th century villains. They lied about Pat Tillman, promoting his heroism while lying to the world about how he died.
The AP reports today that lawmakers are opening new investigations into both farces.