Monday, April 16, 2007

"Americans are the best entertained and least informed people on earth" - unknown

Neocons and the 30% of the population who still believe in Bush and the Iraq war constantly deride those who are critical of the war and the occupation as "moonbats" "clueless" "liberal whackos" "defeatists" - What doe they call a Marine General who refused the position of WAR CZAR and had this to say (something we have been saying for four years)?

"It would have been a great honor to serve this nation again. But after thoughtful discussions with people both in and outside of this administration, I concluded that the current Washington decision-making process lacks a linkage to a broader view of the region and how the parts fit together strategically. We got it right during the early days of Afghanistan -- and then lost focus."
-General Sheehan, Marine Corps

Conservatives loooove tax cuts, right? They have, for ages, accused Democrats of the evil that is "tax and spend."

Well, the dirty little secret of the Bush administration is this. Its has spent more than any administration in US history.

That's right, the party of "small government" has created the largest government in our history. And how do they fund it? They cut taxes (so we don't "Pay" for it) and borrow the money from Asian and European governments.

Yes, it cuts taxes for the well-off, but guess what, instead of "tax and spend" the Bushies have a policy of "borrowed to spend." That's right, foreign governments own our debt (particularly China and Japan).

Today's Washington Post has a great story http:// about taxes.

The story claims that about $385 billion in taxes go unpaid every year. $1.8 TRILLION is collected. Our defense budget for next year is about $550 billion. That means about 25% of all our taxes are spent on defense.

That is more than the world's next 20 largest defense budgets combined.