Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why this blog doesn't work.

1. You have to specialize. Political blogs attract people who read mostly political blogs. The same goes for cat blogs, history blogs, sex blogs, tech blogs, animae blogs, this is what I am doing at any given moment of the day blogs, mommy blogs, literary blogs etc. etc. etc. I write on a wide variety of topics ensuring that a wide variety of people don't give a shit.

2. I use too many big words. I use too many small words.

3. None of my friends read and comment on this blog, come to think of it, I don't really have any friends.

4. Most of the people I used to blog a lot with (Darth, Stalkers Not, Bees, etc. etc. etc.) don't blog anymore. They are lost somewhere with all the missing socks and lighters.

5. I'm cursed with a low I.Q., a shockingly hideous face and a goiter on my left shoulder.

6. I am not funny, or witty and am sorely lacking in the big tits, tight ass realm.

7. I haven't learned the art of using quizzes, memes, tests and other various devices that allow people to leave comments like "I scored a 96 - "You are definitely a neo-fascist pig dog who enjoys skinning small woodland creatures."

8. My writing is terrible.

9. What I find interesting is only interesting to non-interesting people.

10. My milkshake just DOES NOT bring the boys to the yard.