Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I watched a show on The Science Channel a few weeks ago. The subject was the Big Bang. They explained that in the beginning, 13.7 billion years ago, the Universe was the size of a marble and then it exploded and in the first 100 trillionth of a second it was the size of the earth and in the first 10 trillionth of a second the size of our galaxy and so on.

So where did this marble-sized "universe" come from? What caused it to explode and expand?

I believe that evolution explains thoroughly how life on earth has changed, diversified and grown over the last 600 million years, but I still have no explanation for where the first spark of life came from. Even evolution does not map and explain the progression from a one cell organism to a human with 10 trillion cells.

Isn't it perhaps time that evolutionists ask seriously where life came from, and isn't it time for creationists to ask how life evolved and changed over 600 million years. Isn't it time that the possibility that theology and science are not mutual exclusive but ask separate questions and can inform each other on some of the answers?

I believe that science and reason and faith and emotion ask different questions and provide different answers about the nature of the universe, the earth, human beings and the animal world.

Dogmatists and exclusionists on both sides of the aisle seem to be depriving themselves of the full range of intellectual and spiritual exploration, investigation and self-questioning that make up the full litany of questions and possible answers regarding the mysteries of the world.