Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Crap, The Police are reuniting for a tour. I say CRAP because I saw the very LAST Police concert ever, in June 1986 at the AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL benefit show at GIANTS STADIUM in New Jersey. That show featured dozens of artists including Peter Gabriel, The Neville Brothers, Miles Davis, Little Steven, Bryan Adams, Lou Reed, U2, and the Police closed show. It was one of the best day's of music I ever experienced and I was somehow pleased I saw their last show ever.

Of course THE WHO have set the all-time record for reunion tours, since their "FAREWELL TOUR" in 1982 they have reunited 242 times.

Reunion tours are a really iffy proposition. A great band in its prime is a product of its times, a product of the feelings people have for that band at that time and a product of the powerful dynamics that make the musicians click. While a great band's music can live on powerfully forever, great band's live "reunion" shows don't really fare as well.

Several years ago I saw the SEX PISTOLS reunion tour...let's just say it was NOT 1977 again.

The Rolling Stones have been a caricature of themselves for 15 years now.

The best thing for most of these band members to do are move on to either solo careers or new careers. But, I guess the lure of nostalgia for us, the listeners, and the lure of $$$ for the players are too much of a draw and that is why most of the top-grossing tours of the last 15 years have been reunion tours a la THE EAGLES, THE STONES, THE WHO, etc.

Me, I am content to spend at least an hour a day BLASTING THE CLASH at maximum volume, because they are still, "THE ONLY BAND THAT MATTERS."