Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What's in a name? In politics, apparently everything. Its time for Senator Barak Obama to change his name. Barak Hussein Obama. Its just not doing him any good. Barak sounds like a leftover from the heyday of the Nation of Islam. Hussein, well that dude was just hung in a mob scene reminiscent of 17th century England and Obama, you know, sounds like Osama.

So much so that last night on CNN, during a lead in for their next segment that was to deal with the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden they posted a picture of Osama with a graphic that said "Where's Obama?" Oops.

So, Mr. Obama, you are young, fresh, smart, Kennedyesque, a real hope for President but the name has to go. America is just not ready for your name. Hell half the country that Barry Goldwater was a Jew. Let me suggest a few new names for you.

Abraham Washington
Wil Smith
Tom Cruise (scratch that, we want MORE people to like you)
The Horse Whisperer (great appeal in the middle of the country)
Benjamin Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.
William Jefferson "THE REAL FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT" Clinton Jr.

Go to court and get it done Osama, I mean Obama.
Of course this is a great place to remember that during the height of the Mark Foley NAMBLA scandal FOX "news" put up a graphic identifying the Republican hypocritical boy fondler Foley as a democrat.

I am sure the FOX incident was deliberate, one must wonder if the CNN incident was the same. One must wonder just how far into the world of truthiness and unreality we have fallen.

In 1880 the average person was likely to have met and talked to no more than 200 people in their entire lives and their "media" exposure was limited to a single newspaper, a few pamphlets and gossip at the general store. The way my ears bleed and my eyeballs burn on a daily basis, that doesn't seem so bad.

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