Friday, January 19, 2007

They are not nameless and faceless. They donated, they voted, they helped make the world a far worse place to live in. They are the people who gave money to Bush/Cheney and the RNC for the 2004 elections.

The site allows you to type in a ZIP code for any community in the US or the name of any person and it shows who contributed to the Presidential Candidates in 2004.

It gives you the name, address, occupation, amount donated and to whom for every person who did.

I put in the ZIP for my hometown in New Jersey and was fascinated to see who donated to who, what they do for a living, how much they gave and to be able to do my own demographic breakdown. I didn'tt bother doing it for my Upper West Side hood because it would be like checking the list for Crawford, TX.


So, if you are curious about who is REALLY responsible for the continuing devastation of our Constitution, our Treasury and our Reputation and Credibility as a Country and who has ensured that more Americans and Iraqis have died since 2004 than before, then go look them up.

You might even want to say hello and thank them personally.