Thursday, January 11, 2007

There are 1,000 web sites, blogs and news outlets that summarize the Bush speech last night. So you don't need mine. All I will say is it was more of the same. It was nausea inducing and was cynical. You can read a recap >here.

This is more fun. Every January since 2002 I have linked back to the January 2001 issue of THE ONION, marveling at how prescient it was:

Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'
January 17, 2001 |

WASHINGTON, DC-Mere days from assuming the presidency and closing the door on eight years of Bill Clinton, president-elect George W. Bush assured the nation in a televised address Tuesday that "our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over."the full story.


How relevant is Bill O'Reilly? How out of touch with reality are he and his viewers? He just conducted a poll on whether the US should send more troops to Iraq. Look at the results as compared to the rest of America. Its an interesting case study in how non-stop propaganda from a charasmatic speaker can convince many people that just about any idea is a good one.

Factor Poll
More Troops - 70%

USA/Gallop Poll.
More Troops - 39%

Rasmussen Reports
More Troops - 31%

ABC News/Washington Post poll
More Troops - 36%

And to see how these numbskull far rightists react, look to this post on FREE REPUBLIC.

The posters believe that the polls are lies and manipulated by liberal Mainstream Media outlets. Interestingly enough the far left believes that the Mianstream Medi ais a tool of the far right.