Thursday, January 11, 2007

Maybe I should have stayed in the tech industry. I left it five years ago and run a US/China Joint Venture company now.

Here are some of the perks you get working for Google (from Fortune Magazine)

-Free shuttles with Wi-Fi from various Bay-Area locations
-Unlimited sick days
-Free annual ski trip
-Climbing wall
-Free food at 7 restaurants
-Five onsite notaries
-Five on-site doctors (free)
-$30 massages (that would be the killer perk for me)
-Media centers
-TGIF parties
-$5,000 subsidy to buy a hyvrid car
-Lap pool
-Free flu shots
-Onsite car washes and oil changes
-Scooters, volleyball courts, rock climbing walls and a gym
-Foosball, pool, videogames and pinball
-Free lectures by famous people (Nobel winners, et. al)
-Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and French classes
-$2,000 referral bonus for new hires
-Child care center

Oh and a stock that has gone from $85 to $483 in two years.