Friday, December 01, 2006

Today's Headlines

-Gay Rights On the Rise (we still haven't seen a copy of the gay agenda the bible thumpers always refer to)

-"Buenas Dias" says pseudo conservative demigod, cum presidential candidate, Mitt Romney to his illegal alien yardworkers

-You mean I can't be sworn in on the Jedi Book of Knowledge, new Muslim Congressman says "holy (book) crap, are you kidding me?"

I spend a lot of each day reading.

Newspapers, blogs, magazines, emails, all of my business correspondences. Most of what I read is usually not good news. Today I found some good news to go along with the usually hypocisry I love reporting on, so let's start with that.

-Fortune Magazine has an excellent article in the latest issue about the rapid pace of Gay and Lesbian rights at Fortune 500 Companies. Regular readers know that the advancement of gay rights and the quashing of Gay discrimination is very important to me.

The jist of the article is that Corporate America is reflecting the increasing acceptance of Gays and lesbians in everyday life and in many respects have been the force behind these great advances. I also noticed in the article that it is ALWAYS the same 4-5 "Family Values" groups that react most violently against these advances.

These groups are going to shit their pants when they read this article. In order to condemn, protest or boycott all of these "evil" enablers of the "homosexual agenda" they will have to completely disengage from American life.

-For the first time, more than half of the Fortune 500, 263 to be exact, offered health benefits to domestic partners. Ten years ago only 28 did.

-Raytheon, the $22 billion a year defense contractor is a high profile supporter of gay rights, offers gay employees' domestic partners health care, supports a number of gay rights groups and has its employees march under a banner at gay celebrations and AIDS Walks. Also they are looking to hire 30-40k employees in the next ten years (and interesting sidenote as defense is a growth industry in the US while making cars is not).

Its a VERY interesting article, read it here.


Mitt Romney, Mormon Crusader who is positioning himself to the Right of Mussolini to run for president in 2008 has been a VERY outspoken in his cause celeb, the demonization of illegal immigrants says Buenas Dias.

Oops, according to the Boston Globe the company he had doing his yardwork for the last ten years was staffed almost exclusively by illegal aliens from South America. While I am sure Mr. Romney did not know this (because the company's owner is a legal immigrant) it does point to the hypocrisy in calling for the barring of, deporting of or walling off of these immigrants.

They permeate every facet of our economy and Mr. Romney's simple minded calls for black and white solutions (like 700 mile wall to no where) make for great soundbites for less than intelligent reactionary NASCAR dads, they do nothing to actually solve the issue.


Finally today.


Newly elected congressman Keith Ellison, a convert to Islam, does not want to be sworn in with a Bible, but a Koran. Well, right on cue the "America Love it or Leave it" crowd is baying at the moon. Keith Prager at the conservative blog insists he use a Bible.

"He should not be allowed to do so," Prager wrote, "not because of any American hostility to the Koran, but because the act undermines American culture."

He said Ellison, a convert from Catholicism, should swear on a Christian Bible — which "America holds as its holiest book. … If you are incapable of taking an oath on that book, don't serve in Congress."

Full Story Here

What have we learned?

A man should take an oath on a book that is not of his faith.

America is indeed a Christian Country.

Americans are quite possibly as intolerant as all three posts I made this week point out - See "No Peace Wreaths Allowed" and "No Christmas Movie at the Christmas Festival."