Monday, December 04, 2006

On Friday night I saw one of the best Off-Broadway productions I have seen in years, "A Very Merry Unauthorized Scientolgy Pageant." First produced in 2003 the show makes its New York return.

The premise. A group of children, between 8-12 years old put on a Christmas Pageant-like show. Much as a Christmas pageant follows the birth of Christ to his crucifixion this show does the same for...Scientology. In song, dance and brilliant dialogue the children put on a holiday "Scientology Pageant" that scores on every level.

The kids are fantastic, delivering their lines with deadpan delivery and body language. Irony is the mood of the day. The songs are hummable and funny. And Scientology gets a skewering of the likes not seen since the South Park Tom Cruise episode. Speaking of whom, "Cruise" "Travolta" and "Kirstie Allie" all make guest appearance. The show is also playing in Boston now.

You can go here for more information and ticket


For a very interesting look at the future of American politics from the perspective of a Libertarian, you can read Sebastian Mallby's excellent column in today's Washington Post

excerpt: Republicans are good at reinvention. They have appealed to voters' dark side (Nixon's Southern strategy) as well as to their sunny side (Reagan's "Morning in America"). They have skipped from anti-government populism (Newt Gingrich and the leave-us-alone coalition) to big-government machine politics (the alliance with corporate lobbyists known as the K Street Project). Through all these transformations, the GOP has sustained its big-tent coalition. The question in the wake of its election thumpin' is whether the tent will split...


As long as we are in the midst of the new Theater Season I will also throw my support behind the excellent new play "The Little Dog Laughed." A brilliant, insightful and sarcastic look at "sexuality" "Hollywood politics" and "gamesmanship." Julie White (who is almost guaranteed a Tony nomination) owns the show as the fast talking agent. I am not a professional theater reviewer but the New York Times has one and you can read his review here