Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Grand Cathedral at Seville. The builders proclaimed "let us make something so magnificent future generations will think us mad."

What can one really say about Sevilla? It is one of the most beautiful, cultured, romantic, sexy, perfect cities on Earth. The Cathedral is the most beautiful I have ever seen, and I have seen dozens of the best from around the world. It centers the city and its richness, detail, style and building materials are unparelled. Inside and out it is a treasure, a real wonder of the world. The attachedIslamic Giralda (Tower) is the iconic symbol of the Church.

View from the Giralda (Tower) of the Cathedral

We visited the famed Bullring, built in 1735 and still in use today.
The food was outsanding everywhere we went. Seville is famed for its tapas.

Tapas in Seville

Inside the Bullring

Another highlight was the Real Alcazar (royal palace). It was originally constructed when Seville was one of the capitals of Islamic Al Andalus. It has been built up for more than 1100 years, blending Islamic and Christian art and architecture. Its gardens are among the prettiest in the world.

Alcazar of Seville

We attended a Flamenco show on our second night that was intense and beautiful. We bought some of the city's famed ceramic works. Overall it became one of my top ten favorite cities in the world.

We took a day trip to Cordoba, mainly to visit the famous Mezquita (mosque) built in the 8th century. A Chirstian cathedral was added in the 13th century. It is the only building in the world where the original Mosque was blended perfectly with a Christian Church.

Mezquita of Cordoba

Cordoba is also famous for its garden coutyards in homes and businesses

We finished our trip with three great days in Madrid. Madrid is a real city of music. Everywhere we went there were muscians, Mariachi, Jazz, Flamenco, Rock, Chinese.

Women wearing traditional Mantillas at the celebration of the patron saint.

We were lucky enough to be at the city's main Cathedral for the celebration of the city's patron saint and we finished out trip with dinner at the Ritz hotel.

It was a prefect trip. We loved France and Spain equally and absorbed enough culture and beauty in two weeks for 10 lifetimes.

In the Cathedral of Madrid