Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pranks. I like pranks, as long as no one gets hurt. One of my favorites took place about 10 years ago. I was working for a big high-tech marketing firm here in NYC.

We just got a new IT specialist. He was right off the boat from Germany. His English was excellent, it was just really, really, heavily accented.

One day there was a meeting in the main conference room. All the company bigwigs were there. My friend Berman and I hatched a plot. We called "Hans" over and told him there was an urgent phone call for one of the women in the meeting. We needed him to go in an tell the woman she had an urgent phone call. We gave him the name and sent him on in.

He politely knocks on the door, walks in and says. "Dere is a phone cahl foh Zarah Connah.

Silence. He is perplexed.

A fone call for zarah connor, is zarah conner ere. I'm an looooking for Zarah Connah.

Half of the meeting was laughing out loud, the other half had silent lloks of horror on their faces. We were in tears. Any good pranks you have pulled or had pulled on you?