Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is it possible that voters around the country are really coming to their senses? That they are realizing the lies, fear-mongering and false platitudes of the culture wars that Republicans have been feeding them are empty lies? There is encouraging news coming out of Ohio that reality-based issues and politics are making a comeback.

In that all important statethat gave Bush his victory in 2004 the signs are that voters are indeed waking up.

"a recent survey by the University of Cincinnati's Ohio Poll, which found that 63 percent of likely voters in the state are basing their choice of candidates on the "issues" rather than "character." Why? Because they realize the Repug leadership's values are false.

But of course there still seesm to be a significant number fo Americans who will still vote on God, Guns and Gays.


Ron Brownstein in the L.A. Times sees another side to the story in this .piece from which the above quote by a Missouri voter was taken.

So which will it be this year? "Values" voters being fooled again, giving in to hatred, intolerance and an abandonment of their own self interets and tenents of their proclaimed faith? Or will the REAL issues win the day?


Disgusting line of thinking of the week: Sam Seder on Air America radio yesterday played audio of a Republican strategist who said that (and I paraphrase)- North Korea exploding a nuclear bomb is good for Republicans because it will help to drown out the howling about Mark Foley.

Another example of the Repugs saying anything, thinking anything and doing anything to hold onto power, the good of the country and world be damned.

Also its just another example of the American attitude of short term ideals trumping long-term results. You know, like CEO pay being tied to quarterly results rather than long-term growth.


No more fat American jokes from the Brits now.

Britain is fattest country in Europe by Katherine Haddon
10/9/06 (note American Obesity is at 30%)

LONDON (AFP) - Britain's status as the fat man of Europe has been confirmed by a government report showing that many citizens are losing the battle of the bulge and slipping into obesity.

The "Health Profile of England" report released Tuesday quoted figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) showing that adult obesity rates in Britain were the highest in Europe at 24 percent.

This compares with just eight percent in Italy, nine percent in France and about 12 percent in Ireland, Germany and Spain.
Obesity was measured as the percentage of people who had a body mass index (BMI) -- height to weight ratio -- of more than 30.
Two months ago, the Department of Health warned that 13 million people in England would be obese by 2010 if nothing was done to tackle the problem.