Friday, October 13, 2006

If you have never looked at my "Windows on the World." You should take a gander.

Rather than use one of those maps with the red dots to show where in the world my fellow bloggers and readers are, I set up Windows on The World. The idea is that you send a picture of where you live taken from a window in your home, office or car.

The results are stunning. Enjoy them and for newbies please send some pictures in.


So Google has bought Youtube for $1.65 billion. Remember, their company motto is "Don't Be Evil." They adopted this motto to reinfoce the idea that they are not Microsoft, "the looming, monolithic power that lords its money and power over all in the tech world" eating smaller companies and competition for lunch.

I'm not sure Google is evil, but it has certainly replaced Microsoft as the company that buys everyone, kills all competition and sees as its birthright to be in EVERY sector of the Internet business world.

In addition to raking in billions on its core business, advertising-based search, Google now owns YouTube and Blogger, is in the email and instant messaging business, just stuck a major deal with ebay for advertising, allowed the Chinese government to bully them into censoring searches in China, they own Picasa the picture sharing service and have bought a slew of software and hardware companies and integrated them into their core businesses.

I believe that Google still has the power to continue improving the internet experience in a variety of ways as they have thus far. But...

It would be wise to keep an eye on google as they could easily become evil and become a big brother type entity with their software, services and tracking, documenting and influencing every move you make on the Internet.


Two funny things from the news. Thanks to "The Week." The best new magazine in the world.

NASA put out a press releae announcing that the Hubble Space Telescope found a "giant, swirling, dark sopt on Uranus."

Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Khameenei decreed that masturbation during Ramadan is permissible as long as the act is not intentional. Ed:Huh?