Thursday, October 19, 2006

"I have a Dream, that one day the extreme right neocon religio-conservative cabal will fall from power and the US can begin to heal itself"

So the tide really is turning. It seems voters across the country are giving up on the lies, hypocrisy and failed domestic and foreign policies of the Bush era. House, Senate and Gubenatorial races across the country are trending Democrat.

The biggest indicator is the number of Republicans who have distanced themselves from Iraq and Bush. Thei rbest bests for the last 6 years have turned toxic for them. Many are engaged in last minute desperation plays, but it looks like the American people are ready to restart. Too bad its two years too late.

One great desperation play comes from this group of Republicans who ran an ad claiming Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican, in an effort to woo black voters to the party of hate and intolerance.

It smells worse and worse in this country everyday. To link MLK Jr. with war mongering, hateful, intolerant, elitist neocons is about as low as you can go.

For shame Neocons, for shame.