Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We live in the most litigious society in the world here in America. People can sue people for just about anything. Not to long ago playing football in the neighbor's yard and breaking you arm did not involve lawyers and lawsuits.

I am always fascinated and repulsed by the most ridiculous of these outrages. Like the 12 year old girl Seattle area girl who last year was sued for, gasp, hitting another girl in the head with the ball during a game of dodge ball.

This one that I just found set the bar high for craziness though. From the pages of "The Week" magazine.

"A Connecticut man is suing a wig shop for giving him a heart attack. Paul Lewis claims that dim lighting in Paula's Wig Shop led him to buy a hairpiece that was the wrong color. When he stopped payment on his $1,200 check, owner Paula Wood threatened to have him arrested.

Lewis claims the stress of that conversation caused his heart attack and he wants $15,000 in damages."

Wow, talk about chutzpah.

Any good ones that you have come across and would care to share. The best submission will win a super cool New York City t-shirt. Let the contest begin.*

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