Thursday, September 28, 2006

This sign was outside the church where we Christened my nephew (and now God son as well)last week. I thought it was quite funny.

I think we could have a lot more commandments for proper social behavior.

*Thou shalt not cut others off on the highway - Punishment - Getting a Hellfire missile up your tailpipe

*Thou shalt not let the door slam on the person behind you - You shall spend all eternity in hell with the devil's door slamming in YOUR face

*Thou shall not chew with thy mouth open and make smacking sounds - Punishment - Being chained to a cow and forced to watch it chew its cud for 72 hours

*Thou shall keep good body odor - Punishment - Soaking in a cesspool for a fortnight

*Thou shall not let thy holy mobile phone ring in theaters - Punishment - Locked in a room with braying Hyenas for 7 days

*Thou shall not chew and pop gum loudly - Punishment - Instant death

Pleas feel free to add your commandments and punishments.