Wednesday, September 20, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Today Skinny Legs and All turns two years old. Its been a great outlet for speaking my mind and a great way to share my life with others. Even more importantly it has opened up a whole new world of knowledge and entertainment to me.

Finding all of your brilliant blogs and engaging with you all in great conversation, sharing great ideas, laughing, hoping and mourning with you has been a a pleasure and a pallative in these often depressing times.

I can thank blogger Mr. Teacher for encouraging me to start a blog and Beelzeababe for being my first poster.

My only regret is how many of the people who were regular and hardcore bloggers and members of the SLAA community have stopped blogging (ahem Darth, Arethusa) or just disappeared.

So come, put on a hat, grab a kazoo, let me pour you a drink, crank up the music its par-tay time, WOOT!!