Thursday, September 07, 2006

Being that I am always interested in stories having to do with poo, ass, farts and other digestive issues, this caught my eye.

Chinese furious at star's toilet humor Thu Sep 7, 8:33 AM ET
BEIJING (Reuters) - Enraged Chinese Internet surfers have called for a public apology from a Taiwanese model after she poked fun at the mainland's public toilets and their users on a Taiwan chat-show, local media reported Thursday.

Jessey Meng, who made a name for herself as an actress and a television presenter in China, joked about mainlanders' toilet habits to a chorus of laughter from fellow guests on the show "Red Storm" last week.

"Many mainland toilets don't have doors and even when they do, most people don't even shut the door!" Meng said.

She regaled the host with a story about a toilet in a Chinese city where she had seen "hundreds of pale bottoms all lined up in a row."

Dubbed "toilet-gate," the video of Meng's on-air performance, which also included a swipe at Chinese state television, was posted on major mainland Web portal, and generated more than a million posts from indignant Web surfers, state media reported.

Jessey Meng

"If you are still Chinese and you have any conscience, you must apologize!" fumed blogger Gu Siqing.


My business is in China, I spend a ton of time in China, I love China.

But she's right. Toilets in China are about as disgusting, weird and uncomfortable as any in the world.

Most are still squat, which to the unpracticed Western arse poses a challenge in terms of aiming right and delivering the payload to the target. Many have a single room where 20 h people shitting and pissing side by side.

I get angry if someone even ENTERS THE BATHROOM when I am shitting in public.

Oh, and the toilet paper? BYOTP, or else.

I was visiting the Ming Tombs a few years ago and found myself in a toilet with no TP and I had none of my own. I took out my trusty LONELY PLANET guide book. I went to a section I knew I would not be visiting (Outer Mongolia) ripped out a few pages and...

Thank you Lonely Planet.