Friday, September 29, 2006

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Neil and Sophia at Citizen of the Month

Dissecting the headlines. Please grab your vomit bucket before continuing to read.

Item: (AP)Anna Nicole Smith and boyfriend exchange non-binding vows

What? A vow, by its nature and definition IS binding. Why do celebrities get all the priviledges, including the ability to engage in Orwellian worthiest.?

Speaking of Orwellian. From Bush's speech today:

Item:(AP)He lashed out anew at critics "who make a case that, by fighting the terrorists, we're making our people less secure here at home. This argument buys into the enemy's propaganda that the terrorists attack us because we're provoking them," he said.

Wow, talk about Orwellian. These "critics" are the 16 security agencies of the US, not some bong hitting sophomore at the University of Wisconsin. THEY SAY IRAQ has made us less safe. And check out sentence #2, even worse. I would call INVADING A SOVEREIGN NATION ON FALSE PRETENSES AND REDUCING THE PEOPLE AND INFRASTRUCTURE TO DUST...A PROVOCATION!!!

And speaking of violence and why the word thinks Americans are violent warmongers, try this:

Put yourself in the shoes of a Swede who might click on the Fox news website at 11:51 a.m. on September 29, 2006, as I did.

Top four stories:

*Florida Police Shoot, Kill Suspect in Cop Slay

*Colorado Gunman left Suicide Note

*Senate OKs $448 Billion dollar Defense Bill (more than the next 9 nations combined)

*Senate approves Terror Detainee Bill

What would you think in reading all this?

The last one is the grandaddy of them all. If you know nothing about the debate, the bill and its passing, know this. It has, for the 1st time in our history, removed the right of habeas corpus, the right to be brought before a judge and formally charged if arrested.

Essentially now any American or foreigner labeled as one aiding and abetting terrorism can be arrested and held indefinitely without charge. And that my friends IS, beyond the hyperbole usually associated with the term, FASCIST.

Have a nice weekend.