Thursday, August 24, 2006

I took the day off and went to the beach yesterday. A 1/4 mile wide beach, At;antoc water so clear you could see 5 feet down. Crystal blue skys. A perfect dow ar the Jersey shore.

As I was sipping my coffee this morning I learned that Pluto has been "downsized" from planet to dwarf planet, or in other words a planet wannabe.

It got me to thinking that not only Pluto is in need of downsizing, to be brought down to size, so to speak, but plent of Plutoeqe people should be on the chopping block.

George W. Bush, clearly not a president, should be downsized from 43 to "dwarf ideologue puppet in chief."

Paris Hilton. NOT a celebrity. Must be downsized from celbrity status to dwarf celebrity by way of self promotion and media manufacturing.

Lichtenstein - Definitely not a real country, must be downsized to a shoping mall.

Please feel to start adding your own.