Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today is President Bush's 60th birthday, well at least his "birth-day" not his born again birthday.

What do you think he is going to get?

From Laura - A New Pair of Bunny Slippers, with the cute cotton tails

From Dick Cheney - Double Disc DVD Special Edition of "Woodstock"

From Donald Rumsfeld - Kuwait

From Condi - Finally consummating their love for each other with a nasty session of anal fisting

From Mom and Dad - New License plates for his Chevy Suburban "THEDCIDER"

From Barbara Streisand - A large donation in his name to Planned Parenthood

From Brother Jeb - 100 square miles of endangered Everglades land so that he has more "brush to clear" when out of office.

From Me - Continued contempt, disgust, revulsion, disrespect, and an undying effort to reverse the damage he has already done and prevent further damage.