Monday, July 03, 2006

My new nephew at 48 hours. I am giving him 1 week to be fit and ready to do the following:

-Read Dickens and Shakespeare with me
-Begin his Mandarin lessons
-Begin listening sessions that will include The Clash, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Billie Holiday, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and the Pogues
-Come with me to Central park for basic training in Soccer, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Golf and Basketball.

This is only phase 1. Serious training will begin when he reaches 6 months.


The move is done. I am a wreck.

I have spent the last three weeks moving, uncleing, being in a wedding party and hosting a friend from Florida three days before my move day. I am physically, mentally and spiritually drained.

Now, I have 15 days to prepare for my trip to China. And believe me, it takes a ton of prep work on my end to make sure all goes well for the 10 days I will be there.

Ugh, 90 degree, dusty, smoggy days in Beijing in July. I'll feel right at home.

Anyone want a present from China?

Pics of the new pad to come.