Thursday, June 08, 2006

The World Cup starts tomorrow. Will you be one of the expected 1.5 billion people watching he opener? I am so excited for the Cup that I am buzzing.

I am really pulling for the US to make a great showing but we have a tough draw, we are in the "Group of Death" with Italy, The Czech Republic and Ghana. After stunning the world by making the final 8 in 2002 there are a lot of expectations for the US team.

If not the US I would like to see England or Holland win. ANYBODY except the Brasilians or Germans.


Talk about a hectic schedule. I am in my friend's wedding party on June 24, my sister is due to give birth on the 27th, I am moving on the 30th and I am leaving for China on July 7th. I just bout the Maxwell House 10 lb can at COSTCO.


My favorite "Stupid Criminal of the Week" story. Dude goes into a convenience store, gets caught stealing by the clerk. He runs out of the store and into the street and BAM gets hit by pickup truck.

Miraculously he gets up and starts running again, BAM gets hit by a bus. When police arrive on the scene they discover he stole...POP TARTS.

Man, he must have wanted that crisp, sweet, breakfast treat really bad. I thought people only jones like that over heroin or White Castle hamburgers.


So Al Zarqawi is dead. That's a good thing no doubt. But someone will take his place and the beat will go on. I did find this rich coming from Bush: Bush: "This violent man will never murder again."