Sunday, June 04, 2006

They say that King Crab Fishing in the Bering Strait in Alaska is the most dangerous job in the world. Well if that is so, #2 must be playing keyboards for the Grateful Dead.

This week, former member of THE TUBES, and Dead keyboardist since 1990, Vince Welnick died, apparently taking his own life. He is the 4th Grateful Dead keyboardist to die since the band's founding.

Founding member and keyboardist Ron "pigpen" McKernan died from complications of drinking too much in 1973.

Keith Godchaux died in a car crash a year after leaving the band in 1980.

Replacement Brent Mydland died of a drug overdose in 1990.

And now Welnick. He once told an interviewer, "A lot of people ask about that and my stock answer is that I am aware of the fact that you could die doing this job, but I was somewhat dying of boredom before the job came up so I thought I'd take my chances."