Friday, June 09, 2006

I had a "moment" yesterday.

I was drving back to Manhattan from New Jersey. I was about halfway through the Lincoln Tunnel when I looked to my left. There it was. A Chevy Suburban, half the length of a football filed. Black. The sticker on the back window read "W '04."

The driver was wearing a flashing blue tooth earpiece, talking on his phone. I was overcome, I wanted to ram him, force him to a stop, pull him from his seat and beat him mercilessly. Oil problems? His fault. Bush back in office? His fault. Highway distraction accidents, his fault.

It was a beautful vision of me beating and berating him. The light at the end of the tunnel appeared and I went on my way with only my fantasy by my side.

We have a new addition to Windows on the World D-Spots view from here terrace in London. It's a gorgeous view. Lucky here.

Feel free to send in a picture from your window.