Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Signs of the apocalypse and rantings from a Manhattan Apartment

Why we hate lawyers #344

Defending "Fat" Nick Minucci in Queens criminal court for beating a black man with a baseball bat, attorney Albert Gaudelli introduced a record producer, Gary Jenkins, in court to explain how the word nigger isn't always said with hate. Mr. Jenkins explained to the courtroom the difference between "what up, nigga" and "Some nigger stole my chain."

The lawyer went on to say that before beating the victim with the bat he used the word nigger "by way of greeting and not hate."

"Hello, greetings and salutations Mr. Nigger. Have you met my friend Mr. Bat?" Clank, thud, crack.


The dumbest Baldwin of them All

The New York Daily News reports today that youngest and dumbest Baldwin brother, Stephen, who is now a born-again Christian believes that God told him NOT to play Jennifer Garner's love interest on Alias and TO play Barney Rubble in the Flintstones movie.

Lesson: God makes for an awful agent.

Promoting his new book, he has some choice words for Bono. "Shut up and sing. You would do far more good if you preached the gospel of Jesus rather than trying to get Third World debt relief. God will care care of Third World Countries.

Lesson: The irony of him castigating Bono, the singer, for speaking up (and getting the G-8 to forgive hundreds of millions of dollars in debt) while he, the actor is blabbing about God. How about SHUT UP ABOUT GOD and GO BACK TO 'ACTING.' Idiot.


Signs of the TRUE apocalypse

Today is the 62nd anniversary of D-Day but you wouldn't know it in America because "The Omen" is being released (get it 6-6-06) and Ann Coulter (the real bealzabub) released her new book; "Godless: The Church of Liberalism." Two clever marketing stunts. See the screeching psychopath get whacked around by Matt Lauer here

May all those who died liberating Europe on June 6, 1944 rest in peace and may the likes of Ann Coulter, Tom Delay, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton and Dick Cheney not undo the progress the world has made in the last 65 years