Thursday, May 25, 2006

Three things today.

Well done to the Jury that today CONVICTED Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling on all counts in the ENRON case. There is at least a modicum of justice left in this country. Small solace to all those whose lives and savings were destroyed by their greed, but at least they will pay for their crimes.

UPDATE: Oh shit, I just realized, even though they got 45 years, Bush could pardon them. Remember he is close with them and calls Lay "Kenny Boy."

I also want to introduce The Rantirator a new blog created by a good friend of mine in Minneapolis. She is one of the smartest, most articulate people I have ever known.

Her blog focuses mainly on life in Minneapolis and her writing and wit are second to none, check her out. She is a conservative, but has recently given up on and left the Republican party because of the shambles it has become under the Bush Admin of the last 5 years. : )


"Survivor Man"

If this isn't one of your favorite shows on TV or if you have never heard of him you are ill-equipped for life and do not deserve to live.

Les Stroud is the creator, producer, star and cameraman on "SURVIVORMAN"

Here in the US it airs on the Science Channel Friday nights at 10 and is repeated Sunday nights at 7.

Its a simple thing.

Each week Les gets dropped into a remote and harsh environment (Costa Rican Jungle, Arizona Desert, Ontario Forest in Winter)with the clothes on his back, his harmonica, a pocketknife and a small assortment of items he may have had with him if he was hiking, biking, or flying and got lost or stranded.

He has to SURVIVE for 7 DAYS. Food, water, fire, shelter, he has to do it all himself.

He also has three cameras which he uses to film the entire week. So not only does he have to survive horrendously difficult conditions, he has to keep setting up cameras and going back to get them to get it all on film.

He is a fascinating man. He is an accomplished musician, filmmaker and expert survivalist.


Survivor Man Web Site