Friday, May 05, 2006

"American Idiot" by Green Day was one of the true masterpieces of the last five year. A soaring punk opera that tapped into the soul of the modern age.

Today I have found this week's real American Idiot.

This from today's AP story on Bush and Congress' dismal approval ratings.

"Candice Strong, a conservative from Cincinnati, said she backed Bush in 2004, "but I don't agree with the way he's handling the war and the way he's handling the economy. I think he should have pulled our troops out of Iraq."

CANDICE, what did you expect? He is handling the war and the economy today exactly as he did in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 - by voting for him yo ASKED for more of the same.. "The Great Decider" decided that no matter what the facts are on the ground, they never change their game plan.

Candice we warned you thing things would only go from bad to worse if you reelected this administration and this Congress. You my dear are a true AMERICAN IDIOT.

Some other figures, not how even "conservatives" have soured on these guys.

This week's survey of 1,000 adults, including 865 registered voters, found:

• Just 33 percent of the public approves of Bush's job performance, the lowest of his presidency. That compares with 36 percent approval in early April. Forty-five percent of self-described conservatives now disapprove of the president.

• Just one-fourth of the public approves of the job Congress is doing, a new low in AP-Ipsos polling and down 5 percentage points since last month. A whopping 65 percent of conservatives disapprove of Congress.

• A majority of Americans say they want Democrats rather than Republicans to control Congress (51 percent to 34 percent). That's the largest gap recorded by AP-Ipsos since Bush took office. Even 31 percent of conservatives want Republicans out of power.

• The souring of the nation's mood has accelerated the past three months, with the percentage of people describing the nation on the wrong track rising 12 points to a new high of 73 percent. Six of 10 conservatives say America is headed in the wrong direction.