Wednesday, April 19, 2006

With the Bush clan rattling the sabers against Iran and not ruling out a nuclear strike, it got me to thinking about which other organizations, countries and ideas they have on their hit list.

-Finally swayed by enough hotel and resort company lobbying money a Marine Expeditionary force invades Cuba in "Operation Open Beaches."

-Taiwan. Its time to take back the toymaking industry that was once a pillar of American industry.

-Japan. In response to the detrimental effects bug-eyed anime characters are having on our nation's Christian youth, Donald Rumsfeld threatens Japan with a second nuclear holocaust if all anime books, movies, and especially conventions are not halted at once.

-The United Nations. Their ultimate plan is to introduce a world government backed by the illuminati, free-masons, uber-zionists and the Muslim Brotherhood. Its got to be destroyed. This easily explains John Bolton's appointment as U.S. Ambassador.

-Finland. Strange, blonde, Martian-like people living in arctic conditions making the "phones" that will one day switch on as mind control machines, leaving the world at the mercy of Finland. They must be destroyed.

And of course there are the current Wars they are waging.

War on Drugs
War on Abortion
War on Illegal Immigration
War on Terror
War on Iraq
War on Afghanistan

I wonder which of these they are winning or foresee themsevles winning.