Monday, March 13, 2006


U.S. Spending Billions to Stop Iraq IEDs By CHARLES J. HANLEY, AP Special Correspondent
52 minutes ago

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The United States is pouring billions more dollars and fresh platoons of experts into its campaign to "defeat IEDs," the roadside bombs President Bush describes as threat No. 1 to Iraq's future.

The American military even plans to build special, more defensible highways here, in its frustrating standoff with the makeshift munitions — "improvised explosive devices" — that Iraqi insurgents field by the hundreds to hobble U.S. road movements in the 3-year-old conflict.

Billions, WITH AN F-ING B - to stop these guys from plantinroadsideie bombs.

If you recall the Soviet Union went bankrupt and collapsed the same way. We = fucked.