Monday, March 06, 2006

I suppose there are going to be millions of blog postings about the Oscars today, so I will read them rather than write one.

I am headed back on the road today. The 2006 "Love, Learning and Money Tour" continues. Another Midwestern swing this time. Kansas City, Minneapolis and Madison Wisconsin.

BBQ, cold weather, cheese, mmmmhmmmmmmm. I have been in conversation with my tour manager and he assures me that things are going to get warmer for me soon. Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Sevilla, Madrid and Paris will be tour stops in April, May and June.

I leave you with another video today. With news of the Middle East dominating the news for the past 5 years Americans see very little of what is actually happening around the world and the ideas that are being discussed. I have and still do advocate econmic, religious and political reform in the Arab and Muslim world as the key to peace.

The womanin this videois an Arab-American Psychologist appearing on Al-Jazeera TV.