Monday, March 13, 2006

The Dubai Ports World deal should have gone through, the deal going south is really a disaster.

-The Bush administration has spent five years instilling fear and loathing about Arabs and Muslims and now they are surprised that the firestorm hit? He was right to want this deal to go through, it didn't because of his words and actions the last five years.

-Only real economic ties and shared interests will close the gap in cultures and secure a peaceful future between the US and the Middle East.

-Dubai is the THE single most progressive, western and forward thinking country in the ENTIRE Middle East. If we can't create ties with them, there is no hope. They have been a big help in bringing terrorists to justice.

-The rest of the Middle East and the rest of the world will stop sending their investment dollars to the US because we have displayed, through xenophobia and paranoia, that we don't want their money. That money will go to China, India and Dubai.

After 9/11 about $200 billion foreign dollars we diverted from the US to other countries because of fears of seizure and isolationism.

-It has revealed an ugly and rising tide of xenophobia, racism and isolationism. Not a good mix when the world is globalizing. It is the surest way to financial, political, and social disaster.