Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am an avid collector of antiques and antiquities. My collection trends toward Classical (Roman, Greek, Ancient Middle East)Oriental (mostly Chinese and Japanese) and American.

Every so often I post some of the objects which have lately joined my collection

This one stunned me. I have a fairly large collection of Pre-Columbian North, Central and South American carvings. This set was carefully put on a board and features more than 30 carved heads (dating to about 1200 A.D.) a shell necklace and obsedian arrowheads.

Another stunner. Colonial American PEWTER INKWELL. What made this a real find is its perfect provenance. It is stamped NY - 1723. So we know where and when it was made.

Hand carved IVORY Buddha. Great detail, realy clean.

I've never had my hands on one of these before. Hand carved ivory MEDICINE BALL. There are four inner circles of carved ivory inside the main ball. They spin inside.

JADE Sword. A Chinese decorative short sword. Made entirely of jade.