Thursday, January 26, 2006

Public schools looking at Bible literacy class By Mike Linn, USA TODAY
Wed Jan 25, 7:07 AM ET

High schools across the nation are considering an elective course in Bible literacy. That's pitting advocates of church-state separation against proponents of the class who say their mission is purely scholarly.

Lawmakers in Alabama and Georgia in the past few weeks have introduced legislation clearing the way for their high schools to offer the course, which is based on the textbook The Bible and Its Influence.

The book's publisher, the Fairfax, Va.-based Bible Literacy Project, says about 300 school districts are considering the course, which covers the Old Testament, followed by both Jews and Christians, and the New Testament, the story of Jesus and his disciples.

Okay, so teaching the bible in School. I'm fine with this idea as long as they also offer additional electives:

THE NATURE OF PRAYER: Why God chooses sides in sporting events.

THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE: How money, sex and power have driven humanity through the ages.

THE CONSPIRACY: How Liberals have joined the Grinch in Stealing Christmas from good, wholesome, white, folk.

THE OUTRAGES OF THE HEATHENS: Answering such questions as "How could anyone worship an 8 armed goddess who is capable of spitting fire?" How could anyone worship birds and trees?" Why heathens do not understand the power of a God who parts seas, makes eternally burning bushes, rains frogs and locusts on an entire country and whose son is actually, but also a spirit, but also a man who comes back from the dead. Silly heathens.


on a more serious note they should at least offer:

Buddhism and the Nature of Peace

Animism: How early cultures respected and worshipped the natural world and the animals they shared it with.

The Nag Hamadi Gnostic Gospels. How the Council of Nicea blinded you to the full story of Jesus and His Disciples.

Hinduism: A Study in Philosophy and The Divine.

The Life and work of Joseph Campbell - Understanding myth, tolerance, love and the nature of interconnected spirituality.

Disclaimer: No heathens or believers were harmed in the making of this post.