Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Portland, Oregon

I really love the Pacific Northwest. Oregon, Washington, British Columbia. Lush plant life, green landscapes, rugged coastlines, tall peaks, rivers, lakes, bays, creeks. Abundant exotic wildlife. Rain. Drizzle, Rain. Its just a great part of this continent.

I hadn't been here since I was in Alaska 17 months ago.

Portland itself is a great city. Charming, neatly arranged, great views, a mix of the old and the new. Liberal, forward looking, good hearted.

I had a bite to eat with fellow blogger Madame De Barge who was kind enough to keep me company for a couple of hours before running back home to take care of her son. Sweet voiced and charming, a lovely girl.

I've learned a lot here in a few days. I love the place. My meetings went well, I may just earn some money.

A great (albeit short) visit.