Sunday, January 08, 2006


Notice: The Fall 2005/and Full Year 2006 -PHOENIXNYC- "Love, Learning and Money Tour" continues tomorrow.

On the first leg of the tour (Fall 2005) we made stops in:

St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and The Hamptons.

We learned a lot about the American Midwest. We saw the best and worst of America (not to mention U2) in Las Vegas, we spread the love and soaked it up and made a little money along the way.

The second leg kicks off tomorrow with a three day stop in Portland, Oregon.

Upcoming dates will include Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, China, Paris and Nice, France, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas and Dubai. Dates will be posted as they are set.


Please take a moment to look at the link on the right titled "Windows on the World."
Many blogs and websites have maps with red dots showing where the readers are from. "Windows" takes it to the next level. Readers submit a picture from their home, office or car windows showing where they are from. Please feel free to submit yours to


I just have to point these things out, I would be remiss not too.

-28 U.S. Soldiers and 200 Iraqis have died in the last 3 days.

-The country that "never deals with terrorists" has set up meetings with the insurgents in Iraq (AP, January 7, 2006)

-Afghanistan is now the largest drug producing "country" in the world. Ironic considering the US "war on drugs" and the fact that we set up the government there. (A.P. January 8, 2006). In addition Afghan puppet (I mean President) Hamid Karzai has invited the Taliban to the table to talk. With the approval of "the country that never deals with terrorists."