Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Here is what I want to do. Its kind of weird maybe, kind of strange, perhaps. But nonetheless its what I want.

I want to have a party at my apartment. But not just a regular party. I want to have an intense MUSIC experience party.

Here's how I imagine it. Between 20-30 people (the right 20-30 people to make this work is a must) arrive at my little palace on the East Side of Manhattan. The lights are dim, the candles are burning. The red oriental rugs and hardwood floors provide the base. The 5.1 surround sound stereo provides the bass.

There is wine, beer, soda, shrimp, oysters, cheese, pasta on the table.

We talk, eat, drink, get happy and loose and easy. "Laissez le bon roulement de periodes."

Then I step over to the stereo and hit play. What begins is two hours of intense musical experiencee. I'm talking rock, punk, reggae, alt rock, classic rock, songs that make you fly.

We listen, we dance, we sing, we expereince th emusic in toto.

Talking is kept to an absolute minimum. The idea is to experience the adrenaline, highs, emotions and fun of a concert or club in a small intimate setting.

To absorb the sounds, rythms, lyrics and heat of the music. To sweat, scream, dance, jump, or just sit in the corner and listen.

When I sit at my desk, or am running around my apartment and the music is blowing gale force winds through my space and I am dancing and singing and flailing I feel as good as I can in life.

I want to have 20-30 people in the room with me for two hours to do the same in unison.

The two hours end, more food and drink are served and we party into the night, but those two hours are magical, energized, intense, emotional, fun, joyous and raucous. A shared experience of musical madness.

Oh and the playlist, the playlist I have will tear the roof off your skull.

I'd like to do this. Anyone want to come?