Wednesday, December 21, 2005

NYC Transit Strike. HA!!! I'm living and working in my deeeluxe apartment in the skyy.

Me = Gliding down an empty Broadway in my stretch Hummer, Cristal in one hand, ho in the other

You = Cursing the strike, walking over the Brooklyn bridge back to your outerborough rathole for a night of sockfucking.


Christmas shopping is done.

New dates added to the "Learning, Loving and Money" World Tour. Portland, OR - January 9-12. Paris and the South of France - May 15-25, 2006.

Finally, a horrid story out of North Carolina and Iraq. Poor guy.

RALEIGH, North Carolina (AP) -- Home for Christmas after nearly a year in the Middle East, Navy Reservist Paul Berkley was making up for lost time with his family.

He arrived Wednesday, in time to hear his 18-year-old son, Zeke, sing the national anthem with his high school chorus. On Friday, he and 16-year-old stepdaughter Becky ate pizza, watched movies and danced.

By Sunday, the 46-year-old sailor was dead, shot once in the head during a walk in the park with his wife, Monique. She now stands charged with his slaying, along with two men -- her alleged teenage lover and her stepdaughter's boyfriend.

"It's all just so ironic, isn't it?" Becky Berkley wrote Tuesday on her own blog, MistressBecky, as her stepmother was making her first court appearance.

"My dad was in the Middle East for months and months and didn't get shot," she wrote. "Then he came home, where you'd assume he'd be much safer... and then, all this happened."

Monique Berkley, 26, was ordered jailed without bond. Andrew Canty, the man who moved in with her during her husband's deployment, and Latwon Johnson, both 18, also were denied bond. They were in the process of being assigned public defenders.