Thursday, December 29, 2005

Best of Sports

Best Imitation of a Good Baseball Team - The Baltimore Orioles of April, May and June

Best Imitation of a player taking a team to the "next level" - Sammy Sosa, Baltimore Orioles

Best Imitation of a Hall of Fame Player - Rafael Palmiero, Baltimore Orioles

Best examples that playing as a TEAM and listening to your coach wins championships -Detroit Pistons, Chicago White Sox, New England Patriots

Sports Idiots of the Year - Spoiled psychos Terrell Owens and Ron Artest - NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Players Rep Bob Goodenow for ensuring that hockey would be the first sport to cancel an entire season.

Sports Radio Personality of the Year - Colin Cowherd ESPN Radio. Funny, articulate, knowledgeable, the dude rocks.

Best College Football Game - USC vs. Notre Dame - It had everything, great offense, great defense and a last minute game winning drive that kept USC's two year undefeated streak alive.

Best Example of Having a Good Heart - New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Joe Horn spending countless hours working for and with victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Best Sports Video Game - Madden 2006 Football, duh.

Best Performance of a Prodigal Son - Former Kansas Coach and Tar Heel player and assistant Roy Williams coming home to Chapel Hill and leading N.C. to the national title.

Best Performance by a major football/soccer team - Liverpool overcoming a 3-0 deficit to beat AC Milan of Italy 4-3 in the European Champions League Final.